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UPDATE — At present I do have a full time day job. I am accepting smaller projects, however I am unable to offer assistance on large projects.

Thank You. I appreciate you stopping by! GabrAria LLC is a small company owned by me: Greg Truby. The mission of my company is to help businesses and business people solve problems. The specific set of problems that I help solve involves those fundamental tools of the modern office: Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

Excel is the "Swiss Army Knife" of data analysis, enabling business professionals to analyze and summarize vast amounts and varieties of data with tremendous speed and ease.  It is also an extremely powerful and flexible Business Intelligence tool and application development platform, enabling professionals in finance, logistics, marketing and other disciplines to develop complex models and operational tools.

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However, when one mixes the power, flexibility and versatility of Excel with the array of diverse challenges and processes found every day in the business world, in government or in education, it also means that users can quickly create applications and models that are very complex and difficult to maintain. While it may be possible to overlook such weaknesses in small supplemental processes, a lack of scalability, difficulty in distributing code patches or architectural problems related to the inherent mixing of code and data that happens with Excel can become a serious threat to growth or even existing operations if Excel is being used in a mission-critical process.

At GabrAria, my twenty years of practical business experience serve to shape the solution sets I develop. The solutions I offer are designed to a high, professional standard. This holds true whether the project is actual spreadsheet design, professional software development on the Excel platform or training designed for professional Excel users.

Bottom line - just tell me your Excel- or Access-related problems and I'll be glad to see if we can work together to make your life easier and your operations run more smoothly!